The marvelous Kings Canyon

We went for the big walk around the top of Kings Canyon today. This is truly a magnificent chasm. It took us a good 4 or so hours. It is harder but oh so worth it. We did take our time and we had a picnic lunch by the Garden of Eden rock pool which is lovely. Not a whole lot to say about this wonderful walk but I will let you see some of the many photos we took and they do not do justice to the magnificence of the whole canyon. I think that this canyon beats going to Ayers Rock, but really you have to go to both they are just so different and both are fantastic in their own regards.

After the walk we decided to relax and cool off in the pool back at the resort, except that the pool was so jolly cold that the most I could do was jump in and get back out very quickly then lay down on a towel in the sun to warm up again.
The next day saw us doing the much smaller creek walk in the Canyon. There were lots of birds & the variety of flora was amazing in the Canyon. Later we did the resort rim walk which was a disappointing waste of time.

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