Monto Birthday Celebrations

The first focus point of this trip was to attend the Highway Wanderers' 23rd Birthday Celebrations in Monto.
The Highway Wanderer's is an RV chapter or club within the CMCA. It is open to RVers of all sorts and sizes for those who are full time or long time on the road each year.

The town had given special permission for our club to stay at the Polocrossse Grounds next door to the airport. This is a huge flat ground with a 'open' club house, toilets and showers. It was very much appreciated by our members during our birthday rally.

It is a very relaxed week spent catching up with like minded friends and making new friends. It is up to you just much you participate. Some like to chat, play disc bowls, go for walks, go shopping or sight seeing, etc. One of our ladies, our illustrious president,  arranged a craft class converting a t shirt into a cushion cover.

Happy hours are the one daily ritual. Again it is entirely up to you whether you attend and for how long. Each happy hour is well attended and very casual, though there will be an welcoming introduction to new members and first timers especially early in the rally. Sometimes there are jokes, some singing or music, or even the occasional skit or practical joke enacted. One just never knows what is going to happen at one of our happy hours. We even had the mayor come and welcome us as well as get a mention in the local paper.

Usually there is a fire going afterward after happy hour, which was very welcomed on the cold evenings, though many of the less hardy ones, like Rob and myself prefer to retreat to the relative warmth of our motorhome. It did get mighty cold here in Monto, down to 1 degree some mornings, but the days were perfect usually around 22-24.

One or two evenings will include a combine dinner with or without entertainment which our own members put on.

We spent one more night after the rally, still in Monto but out at the RV park right in the town. It is a low cost RV stop just behind the Information Centre. We wanted to wait until the rally was over before taking a day to visit Cania Gorge. I also had fun restocking my haberdashery at the Stitch 'N' Stash. We capped off a wonderful day with a lovely dinner at the local Thai and Indian Family Restaurant that night in the delightful company of Michael who was also staying a night at the Monto RV stop.

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  1. I had forgotten that this is your winter season. It is nice that you can keep yourself busy and entertained with like minded travelers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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