Just a little drive around Cania Gorge

Cania Gorge National Park and all the walking tracks within the National Park are just a short 35km out of Monto.  On the way out we were stopped by road maintenance team cutting down a huge tree. It was interesting watching the work. It only held us up for about 15 minutes and we certainly didn't mind at all.

Cania Gorge has fabulous sandstone cliffs and a multitude of weathered caves of vivid yellow and red ochres. We opted out of walking today and just drove around and had a picnic down at the lake. As you drive you can see the dry rain forest that is typical of this area. Apparently there are some wonderful flora to be seen if you were to take to any of the myriads of bush tracks in the area.

I particularly liked the scenic Lake Cania which  apparently has been stocked with Australian Bass, Yellowbelly, Silver Perch and the highly-prized Saratoga. We spoke to one local who comes in regularly to fish. He was just getting back with his catch.

There's a memorial to the pioneers of the valley esp the ones buried in the cemetery that is under all that water.

On the way out we decided to check out the Big 4 caravan park as one of our dear friends worked here for a year or three.

I generally don't like caravan parks and Big 4 in particular but I must say I do like this one, or at least the bush camping part out the back away from the inevitable cabins, pool and jumping pillow. Out there, they didn't really try to stick people into little boxed areas or at least not in the quieter time we saw.

All in all it was a lovely easy day's outing.

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