Temora and the Air Show

After reluctantly leaving Bethungra Dam, we stopped briefly in Cootamundra to do some op shopping and pick up some fuel. We decided to head to Temora in preparation for the Air Show there on Saturday. I had mistakenly thought this was a bigger show and I had expected many campers so we thought to get there a day earlier than we otherwise would have. The actuality is that they hold an airshow there on the first and third Saturday of each month, but featuring a different aspect including having different planes in the air.

The All Australian built Wirraway

Temora Showground

We stayed at the Temora Showground for $15 per night that included toilets and hot showers. I was a tad disappointed to discover that the toilets and showers left a bit to be desired in the cleanliness department, but they were not so bad that I refused to use them though. We found the prickly seedhead very uncomfortable and shoes must be worn everywhere and best left outside your door else you will be picking the seed heads out of your feet and out of the carpet. I didn't even think the showground was worth taking a photo of.

The sliver Ryan

Temora Air Show

The air show was great. You could start with a visit to the museum and a movie presentation relevant to the theme for the day. (Ours was WWII in the Pacific). This was followed by about 3 hours of watching planes take off one at a time with a lot of information being told by the MC of the show who was very informative and interesting to listen to. He certainly had the gift of the gab.

The Boomerang

We ran into friends from back home who were also visiting the Air Show for the day. Rob & Marion popped past our Robbiebago after the show for a cuppa and a chat before they headed off to continue their journey.

The exciting Spitfire

Afterwards we had happy hour with another couple, Bill & Leslie whom we had met when the stayed at our place some 4-6 weeks earlier as part of CMCA's MSO program. We enjoyed each other's company so much that we had dinner together and continued chatting into the early evening.

The vapour trail of a Wirraway

As a bonus the NSW Rural Fire Brigade gave us demo of water bombing

Free camp at Temora Railway Station

While we were in Temora, we just found out that there is a free camp in Temora that had just opened here 2 weeks ago. It is in the carpark of the railway station. Self contained vehicles only, you can stop for 48 hours. There are toilets, and it is next to a lovely grassed picnic area and next to a kids playground, tennis courts and skate park. You will be parking on 100% bitumen though so maybe too hot in summer. It looks like a BBQ area is being developed in the park next door.

Temora Railway Station

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