Starting our Mid Western NSW Trip & Gunning

Though there was a delay of 10 days due to both of us having the flu, we finally managed to start our trip through western NSW. We hope to be away for 4-6 months if our health issues permit. There are only 2 timetable schedules to adhere to a specialist appointment for Rob at the RPA in Sydney and we are going to give the CMCA rally at Bathurst a go. We’ve never gone to a chapter meeting let alone a Rally. All the rest of the time we are free as a bird with 2 adult children at home to keep an eye on the place, we’ve no worries there either.

Barbour Park in Gunning


So our first couple of nights were to be free camping at Gunning where basically we were just going to be vegeing. It is a lovely park alongside a creek. There is enough parking for RVs up the back section easily for about 17 with more tents easily fitting behind the bollards. There is even an ‘overflow’ where you could park in the picnic carpark especially if you are just there overnight. There is a toilet block there with a single hot shower for each gender as it is also ’services’ the swimming pool even though the pool itself is closed over winter.

Free camping at Barbour Park in Gunning (we're on the back left)

It is within an easy pleasant walk into town from the park.


  1. Life's usual problems do become pains in our lives but it is a small price to enjoy the freedom that we are afforded.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I figured that it would be much more pleasant to recover on the road than at home. I am glad I did as it would have been another week before we'd have left if we waited until both of us were "up to it".


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