Time to myself.

Well Rob has gone to Christchurch, New Zealand on a building mission trip. So I get to spend a whole week having "Me" time.

I have spent lots of time browsing the internet.There are so many great ideas which I have collected and posted on my pinterest board here.

I have a variety of pin boards for food ideas, craft, travel destinations, parties etc. One board you might find interesting is my 'camping-caravaning' board where there is a collation of ideas that might be useful for people camping, in caravans, mobile homes and other RV's.

I want to make this for my RV

I spent some of my free time making these cute owl heat packs for my grand daughters. They seem to be quite popular with others asking for some too!

This is the first of the 3 owl heat packs I made this week
That's part of the beauty of having some totally ME days

What a wonderful way to serve fruit. Easy enough to do whilst camping too!
Rob had better watch out - I rather like being so selfish. I guess he had better come home soon before I get too used to it. Now let's see what else I can get up to whilst he is away!

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