Installing RV water tanks

To start with, there are basically 4 types of water tanks that can be installed in your RV.

  1. Fresh water tanks - great for showers, washing, flushing the toilet. 
  2. Drinking water tanks - this need to be made from food grade material such as high density polyethylene.
  3. Grey water tanks - for holding waste water from everything except the toilet.
  4. Black water holding tank, for all waste from the toilet.
Tanks can be made from various materials. The fresh water and drinking waters can be combined in the same tank if the container is suitable for food and water storage. Accessibility also needs to be taken into account when designing your tanks and their placement.

Free camping can be limited if you don't have enough water storage
As we intend to spend many days free camping or boondocking as it is called in the States, we also need to carry as much as possible. Whilst we wish to carry as much water as possible, we also need to try not to go overboard. It is the lack of water and power that are the two biggest limitations on free camping. We have installed solar panels on our RV. Now we are trying to be wise as well as practical about the amount of water storage we can handle.

Baffles inside one of the tanks to reduce water movement
Rob has been busy making the various water tanks for the bus. Even though he has had over 10 years in the rotational moulding (polyethylene/plastic tanks) industry, he decided to make all the water tanks from aluminum with the exception of the drinking water tanks.

Checking the fit

All these tanks are made from 3mm aluminum. They will be all different sizes and shapes to maximize the various 'odd' spaces that are available underneath the  floor of the bus. After cutting and welding the tanks, Rob coated the inside and outside of each tank with a special paint to stop any corrosion. This paint is especially required for the black water tank as the acid breakdown from its contents is extremely corrosive. This paint is not suitable for drinking water, hence the fresh water tanks will be used for non food related purposes such as clothes washing & showers and we will purchase the drinking water tanks.

Black water tank

At the time of writing the the plumbing fixtures still need to be installed.

2 fresh water tanks


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  2. Great article and Rob is very clever in making his own tanks. As you say, you can't get far with out water and the responsible & proper disposal of black and grey water is important too! Joh

    1. Thanks Joh. Yes Rob can do just about anything as long as it is not housework LOL

  3. Water tanks sure are a must! We have three small tanks, David wants to make a bigger one as well as another smaller one for spare Water.
    One day he hopes to make a recycling Water system so that we don't have to worry about filling up all of the time!

    1. A water recycling system for an RV would be awesome. I haven't heard anyone doing this. I will tickle Rob's ear. Maybe David and Rob can brainstorm together and come up with something that would work! Do keep us posted or email us if David wants to brainstorm!

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