The Long, Long Trailer

I saw this delightful old movie the other week on tele. It is about a newlywed couple who get the idea to start their lives together in a mobile home. Lucille Ball wants to be the epitome of the ideal housewife! Desi is the patient husband! And just look at the wonderful 50′s fashion and the campers of the days! Wow!

It was produced back in 1954 staring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. I just think it is a lovely light-hearted film set back in the quaint 1950's but it’s worth watching for the pure eye candy appeal.

I have been a long time fan of Lucille and this movie was a great way to fill in a couple of hours. Some of my favorite parts of the film have to do with the antics this lady can get into. I can well imagine even doing some of the same things, such as screaming at relatives to give the driver “absolute silence” while he backs up to the house. Rob is an excellent driver with a trailer having been a truck driver but even so he needs guiding as to low branches etc. She beats me hands down with her naivete and mishaps. I suppose that is where the joy is for me. It allows me to laugh at myself as well as at her.

You should have seen how much craft stuff I took with me let alone how much stuff I bought along the way. The silly part is, that I am not so sure I will be much better on the next trip! At least it is not as heavy as her rock collection. Rob has collected shells from many beaches. He found about about sand dollars on the last trip. He built this wonderful display coffee table with a glass top to display our shells.

What about you?
Do you collect anything other than memories of your trips?


  1. This is one of my favourite old movies too though I have seen it numerous times over many, many years. Eric T

  2. I love Lucille Ball. I will look for this movie. I collect holiday mementos- shells, gum nuts, bark etc. I collected some seal vertebrae in NZ. No one had brought them through customs before and they weren't quite sure what to do with them. It turned out that the seals weren't protected so it was OK.


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