Win a holiday - what a scam

Wouldn't you just love to win anything let alone an all expenses paid holiday of a lifetime.

Many of us enter competitions, raffles and the like in the hope to win a prize let alone a wonderful holiday to somewhere, anywhere. I have family members who love to enter various competitions regularly in the hope of winning anything. I know of others who do so too. Australians in particular have this hopeful, gambling bit in our blood.

I know I would love to win any type of holiday especially an all expenses paid overseas holiday.  I count myself lucky to have won a door prize here and there and I still treasure this granny square blanket that I won and was made by a blind person in Bundaberg. I have not been lucky enough to win anything major and most of us in in that boat.

This Perth couple won their dream trip to Canada, including wonderful new luggage.

There's just no way you would begin to think it could possibly be a scam, especially as you haven't given your money or bank details. Most of us are smart enough not to do that, plus something like this happens to others not to us.

Yet, this couple were unwittingly conned into become drug mules as their new luggage had 3.5 kilograms of methamphetamine hidden inside each case, with a street value of $7 million dollars before they had even began to put anything into their bags.

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I am uncertain what raised their suspicions, but thankfully for them, they took their concerns to the police and after some investigation, arrests were made of the true perpetrators.

Their dream holiday could have so easily turned into a nightmare and they could have spent the rest of their lives behind bars.

I found the gist of this story online at WA Today. where you can read the full story yourselves.

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