Joke: It is all in the numbers

A family had booked a wonderful week at Surfer's Paradise that included public transport from their resort to the various attractions. They were going to visit them all.

Surfer's Paradise city skyline

The receptionist when to great lengths to ensure that they knew which buses to take & when.

It all boiled down to numbers, she said. Just make sure you remember these 3 numbers.

“Now repeat after me” she drilled into us. “Bus number 14. The last one leaves the park at 7.30pm”

So we repeated this back to her. Then she said there is one more number for you to learn. “218”

So we duly repeated two hundred and eighteen to her. We asked her what was this number for.

She replied very seriously. “Oh that is how much the taxi fare will be if you forget the first 2 numbers & miss the bus!”

Surfer's Paradise night lights

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