A ride on Sydney's famous Manly Ferry

Recently I took the opportunity to visit one of my daughters who lives over near Manly. Believe it or not but it is the first time in living memory that I have been on the Manly Ferry.

The Manly Ferry

It was a perfect warm sunny day to take the public transport all the way from Wollongong. The train trip to Sydney is a lovely relaxed way to get into the city. No traffic jams or rude drivers, no traffic lights or buses squashing you out, just sit back and watch the lovely scenery as it passes some of the marvellous beaches of the northern part of the South Coast. Remember my earlier post here on the South Coast being officially known as having the best beaches in Australia. Well it is so true and you can see some of them whilst in the train as it weaves in and out of temperate rain forests and tunnels.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The highlight though is the famous Manly Ferry. It really is a "must do" for visitors to the city both Australians and international visitors should take this trip at least once. It is relatively cheap at around $10 each way and even cheaper on Sundays. It makes the 30 minute trip regularly, day and night.

The Sydney Opera House

It would have to be one of the best ways to see all the Sydney icons in one trip.... Sydney Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison and to see the great architectural features of the Sydney Opera House from the water is just the icing on top of the cake. The weather was warm and the seas were smooth to make sitting outside on the sunny side of the ferry just the perfect way to travel and take in the views.

The Opera House with the city behind it

Seeing the Royal Botanic Gardens from the waters reminds me that it is about time I revisit what is virtually on my doorstep. You tend to forget the marvels that are on your own doorstep when you travel this vast country and all the wonderful sceneries and places it offers.

You can just see the shores of the Botanical Gardens on the right.

Another trip I should take is a trip on the famous Cockatoo Run. It offers a train trip of the scenic delights of the South Coast and Southern Highlands in one package and the stop at the Summit Tank offers superb views over Lake Illawarra and the South Coast to Kiama. Most people would take the train from Sydney, but I can hop on the train at my local station in Unanderra, a suburb of Wollongong. Now that will be a trip to look forward to. Once in a while you can even get a steam train as the lead train when they do a special run, though never in the summer with its inherent bush fire hazard.

So take a ride on the Manly Ferry. You wont regret it!

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