Bus Conversion: More roof work

After the hired scaffolding was returned, Rob erected a mobile scaffold using the ute. This came in handy for the many high jobs around the outside of the roof. Just having the ute was to be such a boon.

The ute was also handy to erect a mobile sun umbrella for working under.

Rob removed the escape hatch that was post installed in the roof. This hatch had weakened the roof as they had cut some of the beams. Rob bends and shapes some steel to strengthen the roof and continues to do it to other areas of the roof, so that he can even walk on it. Later we will be able to install the solar panels, an air conditioner and such on the roof without any worries about the weight. Rob reckons it will be so strong that he will be able to walk on the roof without any hassles at all when he is finished!

The roof hatch was right at the top centre of this photo. The small blue steel is the new 'beam' roof support. it fits perfectly inside the roof 'beam' structure that was already there!

He also starts to weld steel 'scraps' to the roof joints. He will use some sheet metal to cover and shape the front corners before commencing 2 layers of fiberglassing.

Welding the roof supports
Inside the bus, he welds in 6 supports for the roof.

He wont be putting the welder away. There's more to be done on the walls!

Does everyone do this much work before they even begin with the more 'fun' part!

What sort of work have you had to do to get your RV up and road worthy?


  1. Oh we so feel for you both right now. Dave has worked in Mackay sun and it was not a good day. I think that he actually had head stroke one day!! And yep we have had to do far too much on our motorhome to get it ready for road worthy. Not something that we have enjoyed, but now the work is done we can!
    All the best with getting it ready for the more fun parts.

    1. Yes, Lisa, Some days can be hard. At least Rob has had some experience, having already built our caravan from the chassis up. In the end we will have a great motorhome... but I do love my caravan, so it will be hard to beat that in my opinion. LOL


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