Blog changes

Hi everyone,
I have some exciting changes that have taken me a few days to put together!
Have you noticed it for yourselves?  I am sure you have but just in case...
It is my new Navigation Bar just under the title.


It was something I have thought I needed for quite a while but was a bit daunted at the thought of learning yet another aspect of blogging. Plus I knew it would take quite a while to label all my blogs correctly. I had mistakenly thought that the labels were equivalent to keywords and had so many keywords inserted as my ‘Labels’.

A learning curve

So not only did I have to learn a new process, I had to undo all my faulty labelling and this would take quite a considerable amount of time. So I did what I am good at doing, which is procrastinating by keeping ‘too busy’.

Well I finally bit the bullet and have relabelled all my blog entries for 2012 and I will continue with the earlier ones now that I have bitten the bullet.

I also started searching for a way to place labels on the blog. The simplest way is to just have it as a side bar but I found that this way is not easily visible on the iPhones that many people now have. So I thought that the navigation bar across the top of the blog would serve the purpose better.

Blog tutorials

There are quite a few tutorials on Google, but some were way above my head. In the end I went with RealcomBiz as it had a few screen shots that made sure it was almost a matter of step by step photographs. It even had a tutorial link to labelling, except that was best if you have a clean slate to start with, which obviously I didn’t have! How I wish I understood this at the beginning of my blogging life!

My aim

My expectation is that all this makes it easier for you to get to the subjects you are particularly interested in. I will have all the labels on the side as there are just too many to burden the Nav Bar with. And this will also list various state regions such as the Far West Queensland and the Central West NSW to make your search more localised. I have had a search bar available on the blog all along for you to make your search as specific as you desire.

What's next?

My next aim will be to add a drop down menu to my nav bar. Oh, one never stops learning, do they?

Please leave me a comment about what you think of my changes.
I am open to any further suggestions.


  1. The introduction of the blog categories is great. Now I can just visit the part of your travels I am interested in without wading through all the other stuff, which might be great but I can be rather impatient

    1. So glad you are finding the categories useful. It was a steep learning curve and took a lot of work which is still on going as I want to include all my old posts too! Thank you Alan for your encouragement

  2. Free camping sounds like our boondocking. It is a great way to live and the people can be so friendly. Continue your great work on this blog. Also follwing your bus conversion!

    1. You are right. The people who free camp are so much friendlier on the whole. I guess that the wide open spaces opens people's heart to encompass others so much more readily!
      I am glad you are enjoying the bus conversion. it is not always a piece of cake, but the slow process will give us a fabulous means of traveling our wonderful country. Thank you Justin


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