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Trip Advisor is a great site and one I will continue to read. However be aware not to take all the reviews as a balanced view of the place.

It is a great resource, a travel website that assists customers in gathering travel information, posting reviews and opinions of travel-related content, however keep an open mind.
Think about it. If you are happy, do you always let people know? What about the opposite, if you are dissatisfied with a place, product or service, I bet you are much quicker to say something. Well I think this is reflected on sites like Trip Advisor.

Our DIL made the arrangements for us to stay at Sunland Leisure Caravan Park just 3 or 4 km from the centre of Cairns. They would stay in a cabin and we would stay in our Robbiebago. I needed the address of the caravan park to punch into my GPS & accidentally opened up the trip advisor website with the reference to the caravan park, and so I decided to read what people had to say about the chosen caravan park. Well most of it was mixed with a slightly heavier lean to the negative. So I had some misgivings but then again, it was one of the cheapest caravan parks around and we would just make the most of it & be glad to be altogether with family.

When we rolled up, it was clear that the negative comments were untrue: the caravan park is tidy looking, the park staff were friendly and the facilities were clean as was the basic cabin my DIL were staying in. There’s a pool with a water fountain spraying over the slide making it a water slide into the pool, there was a wading pool and a playground.
There are several free electric BBQ’s scattered around the park and a camp kitchen which we didn’t need to use. There are 2 sets of amenities back to back so if one is being cleaned there is the other available and they clean the amenities twice a day! The grounds are well maintained and very green with lots of trees and flowering plants for shade and beauty. So YES I would recommend it to all and even went and join Trip Advisor to say so.

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