Cairns and Gordonvale

We needed to get many camping and hardware supplies in preparation for our forthcoming camping trip up the Cape but we didn’t want to stay in Cairns just yet so we wanted to accomplish as much as possible in the one day trip. We bought our camp chairs, tracks for the Waeco, a camp stretcher, some yabby traps, etc. We then headed to Gordonvale for the tyre fitting and a stay in the rest area nearby. (We will be back in Cairns after our cape trip, to stay in a caravan park with our son and his family then). We got our tyres bought and fitted in Gordonvale and I went to the op shop and bought some magazines, a couple of towels as spares, and a couple of shirts for Bob.

Huge green tree frog painted on the side of the road between Gordonvale and Atherton.

Even though the Gordonvale Rest Area (Camps 6: 12) is listed as a day use only, we had been told that many people are now using it as a campground. There was something like 15 campers/vans there the night we stayed. The park area is quite nice with some wonderfully mature trees and mown grassed areas. It also next to a creek but again right near a highway, though not as noisy as some places we have been to.
As life happens sometimes, we ended back in Cairns two more times to visit doctors about my 'ruptured' ear drum. After seeing an ENT specialist, we discover it was not ruptured but a constant ear infection and needed separate treatment. Well, I suppose it is good news that I didn't damage the ear drum, but still I am having problems with it.

Oh well life goes on.

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  1. Great stuff as always. I understand about the limitations you would be working under in getting despatches away depending on internet access. Very keen to get your insights into your travels to the Cape. Seeing that area through your eyes is probably as close as I will ever get to visiting that part of the country.


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