Gilbert River

We camped at Gilbert River (Camps 6: 251). However as we rounded a curve in the road just outside the campsite, we were flagged down.

There had been an accident ahead at the single lane bridge. We pulled into the campsite and quickly made our way to the car accident to see if they needed any assistance. (We had both just updated our First Aid Certificates just before we left!)
The driver of a land cruiser had failed to stop in time and rather than hit other vehicles that were waiting for traffic on the bridge to pass, the car had run up the embankment, just missing the guard rails and ran down into the creek itself. The car had a 4 ton trailer on the back and was very fortunate that the trailer didn’t end up rammed into the back of him or toppled on top of him. The driver had sustained back injury and an ambulance had been called. Everything that could be done was done until the ambulance rolled up which took about 90 minutes considering they had to come about 100km.

The car and trailer at odds
We settled in and then talked with neighbours and went for a walk up the mostly dry creek and around the other campground which is on the opposite side of the road. It is shadier there.

The bridge over the Gilbert River

Another brilliant sunset, this time at Gilbert River

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