Cumberland Mine Historic Site (The Chimney)

The Chimney had been recommended to us a few times and so we had to go there. It is a large quiet area on an historic mine site. There is a lovely billabong there with water lilies that are flowering right now. We liked it a decided to stay here for 2 nights. Just before dusk each night, the local Brahmin cattle amongst the caravans to get some fresh grass. They are quite shy creatures and liked to be left alone.

That first night, our neighbours were 2 Israeli boys and we invited them to share our campfire. From this small beginning we ended up having a mini United Nations evening. We also had a German girl and a French couple join us later. Don't forget Rob is Dutch and I am 2nd generation Australian from English stock. We introduced some of them to the delights of toasted marshmallows.

The next day was spent lazing around. Bob got out the metal detector and played around , finding next to nothing for the effort, whilst Michelle made some more felt animals for her grand daughters. We even had a go at making a new Cheese and bacon Damper – it looks perfect - pity the taste didn’t live up to the visage.
Our fabulous looking Damper

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