Archer Creek

Leaving the chimney
Before leaving the chimney,  we had a last minute chat with  new friends Brian & Lorraine, whom we had met back in Walker's Creek.

We stopped for lunch at Georgetown and did a bit of housekeeping, checking phone calls and internet. We met up with a previous camping neighbour, Trevor & Carol and spent some time catching up. I just had to show Carol my new crochet piece that she had taught me way back at Gregory Downs. I think I surprised both with how well I had picked of up her instructions... she is a good teacher!

This is one of the greatest aspects of freedom camping, it is so easy to make friends and it is not uncommon to meet them again and again, especially on the more remote routes. Once we hit the coast there are many more options on which way to travel as where to stay and so it is a lot more possible to not meet up again.

Anyway, we continued on to Mt Surprise and then Archer Creek where we stopped for 2 days. Michelle wanted a day of total relaxation and no travelling for her birthday. Bob spoilt her by making lunch and dinner. Brian and Lorraine rolled up in the van later on during the day! :)

Camp ground at Archer Creek
We enjoyed a little walk along Archer Creek which is a nice but very cold creek. You can hear the traffic since the camp ground is right alongside the highway but mostly it is bearable and quietens down generally at night.


  1. Happy birthday Michelle.
    Lindy xxx

  2. Thanks Lindy. It was lovely to have a quiet day that was rather selfish, but sometimes one wants to be selfish! At least I do! ;)


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