A touch of winter in Broome

The justly famed Cable Beach
Rocky landscape at another Broome beachscape
Setset over the De Grey River - just south of Broome
We timed our arrival in Broome to go to church first thing in the morning. We were made welcome at Broome Baptist Church. Daryl, the minister, has been here only for about 6 months. He is offering his experience and stability to them as they are a struggling church as are many in the outback towns. I feel sad for him and admire that he is spending his last few years before retirement, doing such a hard ministry. He hopes to encourage them to build each other up and be more community minded. As for Broome itself, there really isn’t much to see or do there. The weather is great and Cable Beach is beautiful. It is a great town if you want to sit back and relax. We drove around the town and peninsula and covered everything there within 2 -3 hours and that was at a leisurely pace. The tides were wrong to see the dinosaur prints so we were going to go back another time but in the end we forgot about it and didn’t get to see them after all. Bob fiddled with some repair work & I made 2 explosion boxes of a new design, drawing a frog and making it as a pop up on a lily pad. I also started on designing Asiatic lilies for one of my daughters’ birthday box. Winter here is great. The days are warm to slightly hot but cools down very quickly when the sun disappears. It is starting to get down to 14 degrees overnight. I pulled the doona out of storage a few nights ago. Bob just got his doona out the night before last.... Camille tells me that it hardly gets to 14 in the day down home....Boy I am so NOT missing the cold winter back home.

Sunset over the beach at Barn Hill. A camp spot between Derby & Broome

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