We got off to a disappointing start to our BCA time in Kununarra. There was not much work ready for us to do. We started work there pulling down a chain link fence and Bob did some odds and ends. Later in the week they had a room they wanted converted into an office that required a bit of renovation, which Bob started with Chris (another volunteer that arrived soon after we did) but we decided to keep to our week commitment and left a week after arriving. We did do some sight-seeing whilst there. We did a day trip to the Ord River Dam which is supposed to hold 3 times the Sydney Harbour. Another day saw an enjoyable trip to Wyndham. On the way we stopped at the Grotto, which has a wonderful little pool at the base of a cliff to which we climbed down into. We saw this delightful goanna catching fish there and stopped and watched his antics for a bit. There is not a lot to offer in the town in self nor the port area. It is a tiny little decrepit village. We stopped at this dingy little cafe which was recommended, the barra and chips were delicious though very small and pricy being $15 per serve.
2,000yr boab tree - imagine: this was just a sapling in Jesus's day
We found the oldest known boab tree (in a caravan park) that is not well advertised for some silly reason. It is huge and still alive. It is believed to be 2,000 years old. We also found Warriu Park statues where there are 5 huge wooden statues of aborigines. That is all there is to see of the town.
The mudflats view from 5 Rivers Lookout

The nearby 5 Rivers Lookout though is fantastic, it gives a terrific 360o view of the town and the tidal mudflats and such which certainly looks more interesting from the mountain than they do down on the ground level. We stopped at Parry Lagoon which is only about 8km from Wyndham. Now this is absolutely a bird lovers paradise. There’s a billabong board walk and a hide where you can stop a view many of the birds without disturbing them. Many of the varieties included ones we had seen in Kakadu such as the Whistling ducks, Jabiru, Magpie Geese, Jacanas etc. It was here that we saw huge flights of the Whistling ducks take off and land several times and you really understand why they are called Whistling Ducks. No one could tell me if the birds were making the whistling sound or if it was the flight of their wings that caused the whistling sound. Now this is one time I am glad I have a hearing aid or was it the cochlear that made me hear these sounds. WOW!
Ord River Dam
 All too soon, Bob is pushing me to get back in the car to get back to Kununurra as it is still a good couple of hours drive. We decided to find the back dirt road back to Kununurra for something different. We saw boab forests, wallabies and semi-wild cattle though no actual buffalo on this trip. We enjoyed this well graded back road and it was much more interesting than the highway out. We eventually came to Ivanhoe Crossing which is a water crossing. It is a big long sweep of river crossing probably 100-150m wide. It is in 2 parts with very fast flowing water running over the road. The causeway is concreted but still it was both scary and exciting at the same time. There were quite a few people stopped on the far side of the crossing watching and ‘admiring’ the drivers as they cross the river, even to the point of offering a thumbs up as we crossed. It would have been nice and friendly to stop I think, but we decided to keep on going due to the lateness of the day and we still had some shopping to do when we get back before dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.
Part 2 of the Ivanhoe Crossing

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