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Hollay, Miriam and Allan
Allan & Holly started moving house the day after we arrived, so we were kept busy packing, cleaning etc.  There’s not alot we can do with unpacking so in the meantime I tackled the overgrown garden and cleared what might have been a vegie garden. Fruit & veges here is very expensive and worst that that is that it is either frozen or a week old by the time they get it. I also did my share of the cooking and baking. Of course I had my arm twisted to look after darling Miriam.

What a delight she is and I have forgotten how much of our time babies consume. She is 9 months old now. She is walking around furniture now and it seems as though she will be walking unaided in no time at all. She makes a lot of noise though no real words as yet. She prefers noisy toys, whether they be fancy expensive toys or bottles filled with rice. She has an el cheapo keyboard to play on esp when her Mum is practising on the piano. Miriam loves music and especially loves to ‘dance’. Enough of my granddaughter though you are all forewarned that you will be subjected to photos of Miriam when we pop in for a cuppa.
One Sunday. after church we went for a picnic to Turtle Beach which is a good 30km away through aver rough 4WD dirt track. There we met some of Al & Hol’s friends who were there too. The beach is nice but crocs are known in the area. Some of us went in a bit as the seas were very rough and the crocs generally don’t like rough seas So I was brave (or is it stupid?), I went in a bit – just upto my thighs. Miriam loves the surf though not being dumped though.
Miriam loves the water, whether it be bath time or surfing

Allan starts work at CareFlight as a medical pilot ferrying patients to hospitals etc for treatment. (Similar to Royal Flying Doctor Service). Holly works for Rio Tinto Alcan as some sort of publicity/communications officer 3 days a week.

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