Barn Hill

Sunset over the beach at Barn Hill
Barn Hill had been recommended to us a few times and so we thought we would check it out. It is about 150km south of Broome and 10 along rough corrugated dirt road. It is quite rustic. Even with a powered site, the power is only for lights & a fridge as each site is limited to 4amps and there is a flip switch set to go off as powered is generated on site. There is plenty of shade and we were only 200m from the marvellous beach. The beach is croc free so you can go in though takes forever to wade out deep enough for swimming. It is also a good spot for fishing. We walked both days for hours along the beach, collecting a few interesting pieces of rock that we thought might look good cut and polished. On the first night there was a happy hour and communal BBQ (BYO meat and all) on the common green grassed area. We especially befriended 2 couples, Bob & Sheryl and Peter & Alison. It is a lovely spot for total relaxation and I could have enjoyed another 2 or 3 days there however we had a time commitment to be in Port Hedland for church on Sunday. So off we go back up that long dusty dirt road and one more stop to do at De Grey River, another lovely free camping spot.
Sunset over the De Grey River

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