All is not smooth on the trip north

Once we left Alice we took time out to visit some of the beautiful locations on our way up to Darwin. I was pretty crook with the tail end of a flu and so was glad to leave the near freezing morning temperatures of Alice. First stop was an overnight stay at the fascinating Devil’s Marbles then onto Tennant Creek and their 2 very good museums; one is an excellent rock & gemstone museum worthy of a capital city. Then our overnight stay was at Bunka Bunka Station where there is a interesting slide night of the history of Bunka Bunka.. The following night saw us at Daly Waters, where we had to take an unpowered site which was a problem as earlier that day Bob noticed that the regulator was not working and thus the spare batteries were not being charged up thus no 12 volt power, lights etc. On top of this the last of 3 gas burners on the caravan kitchen hot plates stopped working too. (The first 2 blocked up earlier for some obscure reason). Thankfully Richard, Julie and Judy were still with us and thus we had just enough power from them to run one light and to keep my CPAP machine working that night. Oh to make a bad afternoon worst, Bob had offered to cook a baked dinner for the five of us on the gas hooded BBQ which went well enough except we dropped the vegies on the way to the outdoor table. We had no choice but to rescue the vegies and pick off the grass and present the food as best as we could. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad and our friends were too polite to make any comments about the unexpected ‘herbs’ added. After dinner Bob & I went to the Daly Waters Pub where there was a nightly country singer. Judy came with us as she hadn’t been to a country night at an Aussie pub before. Being a New Zealander, she loved the whole experience. A new day dawns leaving all the problems of the day before. Most problems were soon sorted out and life goes on pleasantly again.


  1. Another beauty Michelle thanks, nothing like the great outdoors and cooking and eating earthley vegies :") Regards Glenn Brealey

    1. Thank you Glenn. There is nothing like being out in the fresh air and seeing everything there is in this great country! It can certainly whet your appetite too!


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