More waterfalls and water holes

Next stop is Litchfield National Park where we camped at Wangi Falls and did more walks and visits to waterfalls and water holes. There was no swimming allowed due to the presence of crocodiles at Wangi so walks is what we contented ourselves with at this campsite and just visited the other places for swimming such as Buleys Waterholes which is by far my fave. It is a series of 5 or 6 water holes next to one another. It has a very easy access from the car park – maybe 100m from the car to the pools. I love sitting under or against the water falls if I could. It feels just like a powerful spa.

The Florence Waterfall is spectacular and long. You don’t have to go far or down any steps to view the falls, however access to the pool at the base of the falls is a lot more difficult with some 134 wooden stairs down and that doesn’t count the natural rock stones as steps either. Once again I like to swim up & under the actual waterfalls but these ones were too strong to stay under it for long.

You must also stop by the Magnetic Termite Mounds whilst at Lithchfield. These ant hills are not as interesting to photograph as the cathedral style nor as high but they are fascinating because they are basically a thin rectangular shape not unlike a tombstone which are aligned to the sun on north south orientation for temperature control. Quite curious.

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