Helping out at Nungalinya

We are truly loving this BCA Nomad work. Not only are we being useful to the various bush churches that just don’t have the resources esp manpower available to them but we are meeting and experiencing communities that we would not otherwise connect with.
Our friends and fellow BCA Nomad workers, Richard & Julie are here too. Between the four if us, we have partly renovated a unit (nothing structural) but lots of cleaning, painting, repairs and gardening; getting it ready for the newly appointed cook to move into. Then there was lots more painting and some gardening. Their local maintenance guy, Keith, made good use of Bob’s skills and had him repair all manner of things. I was put to good use making curtains for the unit as well as some book binding. (I also made good use of the borrowed sewing machine and made curtains and pelmets for the Robbiebago in my time off!  ) As one of the photos below show, I made our curtians outside the van. Actually this was terrific, I wish I had done all the sewing out of doors. I caught the breezes and never felt that I was working too hard. I could listen to the birds as I worked and greet people as they went past.

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