Self guided Victorian Painted Silo Trial

Sorry about being so long since the last bog post. It just became too much for a while and I needed some time out from blogging, esp since I don't seem to be able to do it on a iPad. COME ON APPLE, pull your finger out and make it accessible for bloggers.

Also we had to be home based for 6 months whilst Rob underwent a medical trial and some rehab, which sadly was unsuccessful

But I am back now with one of the best self guided tours for you to do in western Victoria. Yes, the original Victorian Painted Silo Tour. It really is worth making the trip. Chuck in a few camps a long the majestic Murray River like we did when we started at Riverglen or a cruise on the same river and you've got yourself in for a real treat.

Robbiebago in front of one of the painted silos

What are the Painted Silos?

We first heard of the painted silos through Rob's weekly watching of the ABC show Landline. From this I researched it a bit on Google and found this page to give an excellent background to this story.

Silos have been an integral part of the countryside since time immortal. However changes occur and many are now standing defunct with no real purpose, just a reminder of days gone by. The Painted Silos are a fairly recent phenomenon bringing in tourists to see these decommissioned wheat silos that have been transformed by artists. The original one was in Brim, Victoria. Each artist paints a story about the people of the region. Set on such a large scale and in such unique rural settings, they are just mind blowing. Painted silos are now popping up across several states and I am sure they are all great. We hope to get to see them all in good time.

Australia's largest outdoor gallery

You could do the 200km trip in one day like Dawn did only she started from the south at Ararat. But hey, if you've been following us for any length of time, you would know that we like the slow living approach and we like to take advantage of freedom camping along the way. We don't mind paying for accommodation but the freedom to come and go at whim without pre-planned booking is just the way we like to live. 
Map From Beyond The Horizon's blog shows where the silos are in Victoria

We have come in from the north and east having spent a couple of nights freedom camping at Woomelang before camping right on the water's edge at Lake Lascelles at Hopetoun where we met up again with our friends, Gary and Joy.

Where is the Silo Art Trail?

In a nutshell, the Painted Silo are in the Wimmera Mallee region of Western Victoria, Australia. Eh? Head 140km almost directly south from Mildura on the Murray River and you arrive at Patchewollock which is the northernmost of the Victorian silos at the time of writing  (2018).

Detailed Map of where we went to view the silos

A: The Northernmost Silo at Patchewollock

As mentioned above we were camping at Lake Lascelles so we car pooled with Gary and made the 30km trip north to Patchewollock. Here you see the gigantic work of  Brisbane-based artist Fintan Magee of a local lanky sheep farmer.

Right next to the magnificent painted silos is the wonderful corrugated Mallee Fowls. What a wonderful added bonus.

Rob & Michelle in front of one of the Mallee Fowls

B: Lascelles

This painted silo was completed by Rone who wanted to capture the essence of a couple whose family have farmed the land for 4 generations. Though they are on the same silo, you can't get both images on the same photo.

C: Roseberry

The silo art work here depicts a young woman with a sheep and a horseman with his steed.
Painted by Kaff-eine a former lawyer now full time street artist wanted to capture the relationship between the people and their animals.


D: Brim

Guido van Helten has started something with his 30metre tall silo sepia painting of 4 'typical' local male residents painted across the 6 cylinders of the silos. Though its not meant to be a painting of specific people but a representation of the people in the Brim district.The ABC link goes into a lot more detail. To get the best lighting on the silos for your photo is just before sunset when the sun is full on the silos casting virtually no shade. Just as well there is a camp ground right on the lake there. It is not free camping but it is so cheap that it is awfully close to it.

E: Sheep Hills

This would certainly be the most colourful of the Victorian Silos on this trip and as such would probably be my favourite. It depicts 4 indigenous people against a starry sky. This silo was painted by Matt Adnate.

The magnificence of this cant be captured on photo.

Look at the reflection in the eye.

I'm totally blown away by the detailing Matt has put into these paintings. Just look at the reflection of the landscape within this boy's eye. 

F: Southernmost of the Painted Silos is at Rapanyup

Last but by no means least. These ones are on a huge steel silo which is different to the previous concrete ones. The artist, Julia Volchkova, chose to paint 2 young sporting kids from the district.

Well that concludes an epic trip around the Victorian Painted Silos. It is certainly something to add to your bucket list.

But Wait! There's more!

Now there are more cropping up around Australia and I hope we will get to see them all but I doubt that anything will beat seeing these the first time. We did however see one more at Coonalpyn in South Australia, but I will leave that for a future post!


  1. Glad to see you are back to Blogland we definitely missed you.
    Sorry to hear about Rob's procedure not working out so well.
    That was definitely a great Idea to repurpose the old grain silos.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Hi, Nice reading your blog, we have just (October 2018) completed the Silo Art trail including some others to the East, was fantastic. Like you mentioned, sometimes you just can't keep up with the blog. We are nearly 6 months behind but hope to catch up over the next few weeks. Enjoyed reading your stories. Geoff


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