Riverside Free Camping near Rutherglen and it's Wineries

About 7km west past Rutherglen or 70km west of Albury, is Stantons' Bend. It is a fabulous free camping area that is certainly very popular on long weekends. As it happened there was a state side long weekend the weekend we were there.

It's a big area with lots of riverside camping spots though understandably these were mostly gone by the time we rolled in. Stanton’s Bend is a large reserve accessed via Moodemere Road off the Murray Valley Highway.(Its mostly a dirt with a bit of corrugation but at about 4km of dirt road, it's not that long or bad if you go slow and our friends in "Gary's Joy" a 30ft bus with a huge trailer could gain access.

Gary's Joy is some 18m long (38ft?)

I wouldn't try going there in wet weather as the roads would be quite muddy and thus potentially boggy also it is well known to flood in heavy rains. Once in through the gate, follow the main track which loops around the river with dispersed bush camping along the river. It is grassier about 700m further west but it is also more overhanging trees and more populated as the 'beach' area offers easier foot access for people esp those with kiddies. We choose a mostly sunny spot a bit further away from other campers and thus about 30m from the river which we could still walk into.

On the Monday we drove with our friends into Corowa where we saw a few vintage hot rods that had come up for some rally but we missed the majority much to Gary's disappointment.


We couldn't leaver Rutherglen without visiting at least a couple of wineries. I opted for 2 that also did fortified wines as I just love a good port. We tried some of the other wines, with all of us having different preferences as to which type of wines we liked best. I came away with a White Fortified Wine from Stanton and Killeen for something different to 'just' Port. I also picked up a gift for our son whose birthday was approaching. If you're reading this Allan, its not a bottle so don't get your hopes up, but Happy Birthday anyway!

The days are pleasantly warm to hot and happy hours shared with our friends were a part of every pre-dinner ritual with a couple of games of Sequence following dinner a lovely way to welcome the evenings. I also got to spend some time in "my outdoors crafts room". Meaning I love to craft under the shade of the gum trees. To have a view of the famous Murray River is just  an added bonus.

Sock Monkeys & Dolls

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Just one of my sock monkeys
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