25 things to do before you leave

We are about to embark on another trip. I find it is always helpful to have a checklist of things to do before leaving on a trip or holiday. Our motorhome is kept in basic readiness nearly all the time, however there are certain things that I need to do at home and put in the motorhome before we can actually leave and others that I'd like to achieve if time allows. My desires and your would differ because of personalities let alone factors such as pets, house or pet sitters coming in and the priorities you give to such things such as a garden. There is a list at the bottom of the post if you want to skip the chatter!

For the first time we will be having a house sitter come and stay. She can look after the bins and the mail for us. Though we have arranged as much as possible for all mail to be electronic, some still comes through. Also I have most of my bills paid electronically too. This is  handy for when we are home too!

During the week before we leave, I prefer to run down the stock of food in the fridge and freezer before we go for a couple of reasons, more room for house sitter's own foods and less wastage esp if there is a power cut (if place is vacant for any length of time). If I didn’t have a house sitter, I would like to turn off the fridge and freezer while we were away. I transfer a lot of the food into the motorhome for your trip.

I like to ensure all the washing is done. I hate the idea of coming home to lots of washing nor would I like anything ruined because of mould or stains etc.

I would like to have the gardens weeded as much as possible especially before a long trip as I find the weeds seem to grow at a much faster rate than the rest of the garden. I like to whipper snip the edges and picking up the twigs and bark is another not so necessary chore that I would like done as it just never stops and there would just be even more to pick up.

We are fortunate to have a friend who loves to mow the lawns while we are away and who are we to deny him his pleasure.

Obviously one should remove all rubbish and compost before locking up.

Jump in your motorhome or RV and take off, knowing that you have done everything you should have.


I’m a list person so here is the list in point form. The order may change according to your priorities but I’m sure it will help you to set up a list that is perfect for you.
  1. Book house sitter/pet sitter.
  2. Book any accomodation or festival tickets if needed.
  3. Is there anyone you want to visit or meet up with on your trip, then make your arrangements as appropriate and ensure you have your contact lists with you preferable in 2 different locations eg your phone and a hard copy.
  4. I’ve taken to taking photos (or scans) of all sorts of things, my tickets, my drivers license, my other important cards eg my Visa cards, my meds even a copy of my medical report summary from my doctor. It’s ideal to leave a copy with a trusted family or friend too.
  5. Set it up that your regular bills are paid automatically by your bank or pay them in advance.
  6. Ensure all vehicle maintenance is done.
  7. Fuel up your vehicle esp if cheaper at home.
  8. Notify friend to mow lawns
  9. Fuel up lawn mower
  10. Weed your gardens
  11. Pick up bark and twigs
  12. Whipper snip the edges
  13. Run down food in fridge and freezer by using up what you can and not buying anything unless it’s for your trip.
  14. Check out your packing list to ensure you have everything you need in the motorhome, eg your favourite pillow, pantry and fridge stocked. (There's another post coming re a check list for stocking your RV)
  15. Ensure all washing is done. Wear only the clothes you are not taking with you in those last few days.
  16. Don’t forget phone camera chargers for each etc.
  17. Set timers if you don’t have a house sitter, for lights in rooms, preferably to stagger in various rooms through the first part of the evening, like it would if you’re home.
  18. Cancel or redirect mail if you don’t have a house sitter.
  19. Depending on time frame away and if you don’t have a house sitter, turn off power to fridge, freezer, air con and the water to washing machine and dishwasher.
  20. Remove plugs from all appliances including fans, electric blankets, toasters, coffee machine etc
  21. Remove all unnecessary cards including loyalty cards from your wallet or purse.
  22. Last minute: empty any rubbish and compost. (Dont forget to leave note as to when garbage collection occurs for your house sitter)
  23. Ensure all doors and windows are locked if house sitter is yet to arrive.
  24. Take one last walk through the house that everything is switched off, packed, closed or whatever it should be.
  25. Close the door, and set off for a wonderful time away. You’ve done everything you can think of, so take off and enjoy yourself. You deserve it! 


  1. I was beginning to think that something seriously wrong had happen to you.
    That is quite the list and I remember doing that before we went Fulltime. Even now it is a challenge of knowing what we can bring with us in a different country and returning Home with.
    Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We usually just travel for 6 months a year over our winter usually to the warmer climate, which allows us to spend summer including Christmas with our family who all live within 2 hours drive of us (just south of Sydney) We are just going to take a short 2 month trip now in Autumn as there are some home jobs that have been neglected for too long. I dare say we might disappear for some weekend jaunts over winter. As much as we love travelling, we would not want to do it full time, at least not yet!

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