Text as Art

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What is Text as Art?

The Text as Art is a curated short term outdoor exhibition that celebrates the written word. 10 writers have been commissioned to create short written works in response to 10 locations in Bourbong Street which is the main street of Bundaberg.

10 visual artists have been commissioned to produce short term artworks in response to these written works. The result adds a vibrant festival vibe to Bundaberg’s CBD and throughout the Crush Festival, which is a 10-day program of arts and cultural experiences.

Family and friends

It just so happens that we are here in Bundaberg visiting Michelle's sister once again and waiting for the CMCA's annual rally (Australia wide motorhome club). What a delight to find that it coincides with the Crush Festival.

I mentioned that these artworks are linked to writers. Well we were blessed to meet one of these writers on our travels, Kat Apel. She is a published poet with one of her books, Bully on the Bus,  being used in Qld schools to help stem the tide of bullying. This chance meeting has herald the start of a friendship and I sent her a message that I was in Bundy and we arranged to view the Text as Art together.

A fun morning looking around.

We had a great morning together viewing all 10 exhibits and the corresponding stories/poetry. I must have taken 50 or so photos, (who's counting). So rather than bore you with all of them I will just present the best of the 10 writings along with their artistic representations.

It all starts at The National Bank on the corner of Maryborough St & Bourbong St

Text as Art

We'll start with #1 of course and it just happens to be the one inspired by my friend Kat and her poem about the piggy bank.

This tardis is part of #10 too! I had to put it in esp for my friend Joh!

Hurry up and get here!

Do get to Bundaberg as soon as possible to view them in person if you are close enough. For the rest of us there is these photos. Click on the images and you will get a larger image which you can read or see more details.

Copyright ownership

The subject - the writer then the artist

1. National Australia Bank – Kat Apel & Adrienne Williams
2. School of Arts – Lonnie Toy & Marlies Oakley
3. Brick wall adjacent to School of Arts/driveway – Sam Ephraims & Jay Feather
4. Bundaberg Regional Council – Jake Thompson & Taylor Klassen
5. Civic Centre fronting Buss Park – Jo Williams & Judith Bohm-Parr
6. Tree located in nature strip in front of Buss Park – Jassy Watson & Lynda Vertigan
7. Burnett Mary Regional Group – Annette Tyson & Paul Perry
8. Moncrieff Entertainment Centre – Wendy Davis & Michelle Pacey
9. Civic Arcade floor (157 Bourbong St) – Cheryl Ratcliffe & Jeremy Kiraly
10. Telstra Exchange – Jenny Gilbertson & Julie Hylands

Post Script

Kat took some photos of me during the morning. Sometimes this is what I have to do to give you a decent shot! LOL

What I have to do to get a good photo for my friends!!!


  1. Glad to see you are still taking time to see the arts as you continue enjoying life as an RVer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We will be back on the road very soon. We usually spend Christmas and summers at home.

  2. Hi Michelle and Rob. Having a break from FB, but still want follow what you are doing. I've got your blog page on my home screen for easy access and this post is mainly a practice go to make sure I can confidently comment.

    1. I am honoured that our blog is on your home screen. Thank you. Obviously you can still find your way around blog land.


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