Gin Gin Free Camp

Gin Gin would have to be the most RV friendly town in Australia even though it officially isn't recognized as such. Gin Gin is a small town in the Bundaberg Region, Queensland, roughly 50 kilometres inland from Bundaberg on the Bruce Highway.

They have a 48 hour free camping on north end of town right on the main highway about 350km from Brisbane. There are also two toilet blocks. There's lots of grass and trees, and a covered picnic area with tables and seating. You are within walking distance of the shopping facilities in Gin Gin, which Rob took advantage of as he needed to suss out some information regarding satellite TV antennas, so he walked into town, it was that close!

The town is fantastic for  RVers of all sorts. There are two caravan parks and you can also camp at the showgrounds. Gin Gin is an extremely traveller friendly town with a good variety of shops, pubs, amenities, an information centre and more. The have lots and lots of caravan and big rig parking right in the middle of town (close to the IGA) with the huge park like divided road.

Around Gin Gin the country is very pretty. You will see lots of sugar cane fields, although there were also orchards as well as farms growing various fruits including pineapples, citrus, mangoes and macadamias.


  1. I'm presuming that you are finally back on the road. Congratulations!
    Gin Gin looks like a very nice little community and smart to welcome RVers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes we are on the road again. It will only be a small trip of 2-3 months this time as there are some jobs needing our time and attention back home. Still we will make the most of our time away.

  2. Hi Michelle and Rob. I was dismayed to hear of your poor start with car worries straight away, but happy now to hear you're under way again and sparking on all cylinders. Great review on Gin Gin. Anyone wanting a heads-up on the place only has to read your post to be up to speed. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks John. Yes it was dismaying to have to delay, but all works well in the end. We have managed to postpone a hospital check up to allow us a little more time to make up for it.


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