Stanley and The Nut

When you drive along the highway past the turnoff to Stanley, you can't help but notice "The Nut" which is an ancient flat-topped volcanic rock that at a huge 143 metre (469 feet) height it dominates the skyline at a great distance. So we knew we just had to stop there on our way back from the far west coast of Tasmania.

Stanley is just 120km from Devonport

Stanley is the second largest town in this region with just 600 people is mainly a fishing port that juts into Bass Strait which separates Tasmania from the mainland Australia. It is only 22 km from Smithton situated on a long peninsula.

We wanted to have a good look at the town and The Nut up close. The Nut dominates the town of Stanley.

Rob and I took the chairlift that takes us to the top which cost us $15 each, though you can walk it if you are more energetic than us. You can even walk up from the town, right to the top of "The Nut".

It is an easy 2km walk to make the circuit up the top, but definitely make sure you are dressed warm as it is understandably windy up there.

One view looking down from the circuit walk atop The Nut
Stanley is such a pretty town with lots of historic and beautifully preserved buildings. There is a definite holiday destination feel here with lots of B&B's around and holiday rental apartments to choose from. It is a lovely spot to take a few days quiet break for what ever reason.

The Presbyterian Church


  1. We're headed down to Tasmania for our first visit in February. We started off thinking we'd stay to the east coast but as Stanley and various other spots made it onto the list looks like we'll be doing the loop. I'm really enjoying reading your Tassie info, thanks!

  2. Thank you. I am sure you will have a wonderful time in Tassie. It is so worth it. I hope you have enough time to see a lot in a relaxed manner. February is probably the best month to go but stay as long as you can.

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