Free camping at Liffey Reserve

We were hoping to find some friends whom we knew was camping at Liffey but sadly we didn't find them so in the end we decided to stay at Liffey Reserve anyway.

Liffey Campground

Liffey Forest Reserve is located in Tasmania’s North West, just south of Deloraine just about 70km from Launceston. This reserve is a part of World Heritage Area. The camp site is on the banks of the Liffey River, a quiet meandering creek at this point.

I had hoped to see the Liffey waterfalls nearby and to go on one of the bush walks would have been great, but to be honest I was totally out of it still after my operations let alone the bad kidney infection I current was suffering from though the antibiotics had kicked in.

Rob found us a lovely sunny spot adjacent to the river. All in all we were just here to have peace and quiet. One of the things I did want to do in the quiet spot was catch up with some washing and the easy access to the creek was wonderful. Before anyone gets their arms up in the air, we do use biodegradable detergent and we use it very sparingly. Most of our stuff just needs to have our body odor washed out since we rarely actually get dirty.

Reading in the sun for some time out to recover

Surprisingly (or maybe not) I did not even want to socialize at all, just hibernate and recover some energy and Liffey Reserve filled this need fantastically. I did chat briefly in the morning with a group of hippies that were just packing up.

Liffey Falls

On our first full day there we went for the short  drive to the Liffey Falls after a late sleep in. It is a very narrow windy dirt road which is really not suitable for caravans or big rigs. It still involved a 45 minute slow walk including the return. The bottom falls are beautiful 5 tiers with lots of luscious ferns and moss on the surface of the rocks and surrounds. There are 3 other falls along the way but Rob walked to these on his own since I was still weak and really had no energy. I quite enjoyed sitting in the sun at the first falls whilst he wandered off.

Part of the walk to Liffey Falls
After this we drove up to the Great Lakes which is at a high elevation. The road is windy with a few sharp hair pin bends. The ground was white with heavy frost. All up it was a 160km round trip by the time we  got back to the Liffey Reserve for another quiet night at the camp.

After a decent cuppa and such Rob went across to chat with another motorhome couple that had arrived but I cozied up on the bed with a book which I hardly read before sleep overcame me after so much travelling.

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