Installing a new stainless steel water tank

Rob has made a whole new water tank this time out of stainless steel as the plastic tank just couldn't cope with the pressure and thus leaked and has now been removed.

Stainless Steel Water tank installed under the bed

I was too wrapped in wedding plans for our daughter to take much notice and didn't take any photos of the whole unit sadly and Rob rarely ever thinks of photos along the way.

Rob & I with our beautiful daughter

However he has installed it and now you can see a part of as it fits neatly under the steps leading up to the bed. The white 'board' you see is the inside of the bed riser and the orange is part of the original flooring and cover over the motor. We use this space under the bed as most RVer do, for bulk storage.

Stainless Steel Water tank peeks out from under steps

Even though our motorhome is finished and we've even done a 5 month trip in it (To Tasmania), we are back to working on improvements in the motor home. We also had suspension type airbags installed recently too to help make it a smoother ride.

The bed frame when it was under construction

Just a recap of the  bed under construction. It was complicated by the fact that the bed is on a slide out above the motor engine. Here you can see the metal frame in an upright position. You can read about the construction of the bed here if you missed it earlier.

So now it is my job to clean up after Rob and get things packed and ready for our next trip. He is a clever guy, but cleaning up is not his strong point! Rob still has a few odds and ends he wants to do before our next trip too! 

What improvements have you made after a trip or two to your rig?

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