Our scented garden heralds spring

It is with a mixed heart that we stayed home this winter, rather than hitting the road as we have done for the past 4 years. As you would know if you have been visiting this humble little blog, is that we stayed home so that we could convert a bus into a motorhome that is even better suited for many nights off the grid, that is for truly freedom camping.

Now we are home and the arrival of spring is well and truly on it way. One of the joys of spring is seeing all the colourful blooms cascading from trees, fences and gardens. I just love to step outside in own garden as it is alive with scents. The first herald I notice in my garden is the jonquils, which usually start well before winter has moved out. I just lovey their bouncy little happy faces, though admittedly, I am not fond of their scent.

The jasmine has taken over a corner of our garden  and really needs to be curtailed somehow but it is so lovely when it is flowering and there is nothing more delightful that to sit outside and smell the heavenly scent. I would love to have the various scents of other spring flowers such as hyacinths and freesias however I am not willingly to take the risk due to my hay fever inclinations. I think I have tried early in our marriage but disastrous results. I am so thankful that the jasmine doesn't seem to make it worst even when gardening in and around it.

We used to have a Mock Orange tree which also has a marvelous scent which didn't affect me much outside either. I do miss this tree, but it was growing in an inappropriate place and had to be pulled out.
The clivia, dietes and the African daisies are all flowering well at the moment and these can be cut and brought inside for a short day only display, well maybe not the African Daisies as they close up pretty quickly without the sun.

So yes there is joy to be found in staying home but my feet are sure getting itchy... move on Rob, I wanna hit the road again... maybe a short trip is called for to keep me happy!!!

Oh the mulberries are just starting... maybe I'll wait a few more weeks before I start nagging him...sshh!

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