The shower ensuite in progress

Another gorgeous sunny winter's day today, but unfortunately it is coming to an end with a cold wind coming straight off the snow fields. Still we can't complain really as it has been a mild winter so far and we are already more than half way through.

Rob did some work on the tiny shower ensuite. It is certainly not finished yet. I just thought I would write and let you know of the progress we are making here.

We deliberately designed a small bathroom, though Rob had hoped for a much larger one originally. It is an all in one shower/bathroom, as when it comes down to it, you really only spend a few minutes a couple of times a day in this little room.

You might remember that Rob made his own mould and fibreglassed a custom fitted shower to fit in the bus. As with many new things, it did not go smoothly. The release agent did not release and this has required a lot of very boring and difficult sanding which is still not completed. You can read more about his trials and tribulations with it here.

Regardless Rob has pressed on and installed the shower into the bus through the hole in the wall in which one of the slide outs is going to be installed.

Ensuite just installed through the bus side wall.

He has fitted the adjustable sliding shower head rail and hand tap in. To conserve space, it is over the sink as you can see here. It also keeps the water plumbing on the one side of the wall.

Rob has installed 2 hand rails to also double as an aid as we have to admit we are not getting any younger! I couldn't get back far enough to get the whole of the sliding shower unit in the photo!

A little window for some natural light as well as ventilation has also been cut in. The plumbing is incomplete at this stage.

A little window for some natural light and ventilation.

We wont be winning any awards for bathroom designs as we kept it purely functional and spartan. Being a wet environment, one is limited with designs. maybe one day I can paint it or utilize some pretty vinyl stickers. It is not exactly finished yet... so who knows just where we end up.

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