I need to grow a thicker hide

That's it! I have the proof of the pudding! I am allergic to staying home over winter.

As Rob is converting a bus into a motorhome, we are destined to spend the bulk of this winter at home. And the result is both of us have contracted colds for the first time in years. I am so weak that I couldn't keep anything in for 3 days. Good news is that I have lost weight, bad news is that most of it is fluid and will come back quickly. The lack of energy is most definitely not welcome.

It has worked out extremely well for our family that we are home this winter as our eldest son & his family have had to move back from interstate at short notice. By staying with us, it gives them more time to find a house that they would be happy to buy rather than just taking the first place that comes up near their work.  As it worked out, they fell in love with the first house they went to and bought it straight away, so they were only with us for weeks instead of months. Also soon after they came back, our daughter in law had a conference to attend in New York and they wanted to take advantage of the trip and extend it to make it into a second honeymoon by leaving the two sweetest grand daughters with us for the duration.

The girls aw Wollongong Botanic Gardens

We did have a cruise around the Pacific Islands of Vanuatu, Mystery Island, Li Fou and Noumea planed which was fabulous to escape the start of the cold weather, the weather was fantastic. I only started getting sick after the trip.

Still I mustn't complain, it has been a relatively mild winter and I only have a temporary illness, nothing major if with a constant blocked nose. Apparently I have nasal polyps which may need to be surgically removed...but there's a 4 month wait just to see the specialist let alone get a surgery date! Oh it could be much, much worst.

I will just yearn for the warmer weather and watch my friends go off chasing the warmer sun elsewhere...our turn to hit the road will come again soon.

So tell me where you are this winter?


  1. I am having a lovely winter at home. I have finished work and am luxuriating in pottering around the house. If you would like to look at my blog click on on my name below.

  2. I meant click on my name above. :-)


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