If you grew up in Sydney, then you would have heard of the story of Arthur Stace and that he wrote the word "Eternity" in perfect Copperplate hand writing back in the 1940's and 1950's.

Some 'experts' reckon that Stace wrote this word in chalk some hundreds of thousands of times, some even estimated it could have be written 500,000 times. The chalked word was an enigma that gave rise to thought, consideration and talk. This one word became a powerful message and a sermon.

In more recent times in it indelibly imprinted on December 31st 1999 to midnight on 1st January 2000 when it was lit up on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for all of Sydney, Australia and indeed it was beamed across the world and seen by  millions of viewers as part of the New Year's Eve celebration marking the turn of the new millennium

You need to consider just where it is you intend to spend eternity.

Half a million times, Arthur Stace bent down and wrote that word “Eternity” on the footpaths of Sydney. And it made a difference. It made a difference to many generations. We wont really know just how much difference that one word drawn in chalk has made until we are in heaven.

A permanent plaque found on the ground outside Sydney's Town Hall

So take a moment and think about Eternity and where are you going to spend it.
Will it be with Jesus or without Him?

Make your life count for Eternity.

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