We can move at last

Yabba Dabba Doo! After a few hiccups such as the wrong links sent, the complete drive chain has finally arrived. What a drama this has been.

At first 'they' send the wrong link to 'close' the chain.
 Just a recap: First it was too loose and this is a major part of the reason why the bus broke down just after Rob had driven it some 4,500km over 4 days and it broke down literally on the bottom of our very long driveway. We initially thought this was better than the diff playing up. It took a long time to find out how to get it fixed. Eventually we found out that the chain has to be hand made over in America. It was quite a blow but at least it can be replaced....eventually. In the meantime we got the buss pulled up to the top of the driveway but it has had to stay in the way of our regular cars and it was quite an eyesore. It also meant that there would be a considerable delay. However there were things we could do whilst we waited, which we have written about up until now.

Our drive chain is known as a Morse chain.

We booked the mechanic once again to come and install the chain. Then Rob is in a position to move the bus to the other side of the house closer to the garage. Now he is in the process of erecting some framework and tarp covering to enable him to work in all weather and to keep the roof dry when painting it and installing the solar panels.

The bus up on timbers and over next to the garage.

I am just happy to have the bus out of the way and make it 'friendlier' when first approaching the house instead of carefully picking your way through all the debris and clutter that seems to surround the bus just to get into the house!

Setting up the frame work before the tarps go on.
The tarp is up.


  1. Sounds like things are really progressing with the bus. i am looking forward to following you on your first trip.

  2. It really seems to be coming together now, though we have not done much on the inside just yet!


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