Progress is slow

Well it has been quite a while since I posted about the bus conversion. Good grief, I just took a look back and it is worst than I thought. The last post about the actual bus conversion was way back in May and about the making the doors.

Part of the hold up has been family related with a son and his family moving in with us whilst they moved interstate and look for a new house in Sydney. It meant looking after their 2 little girls full time and so much bus work was slowed right down. We also had to wait for supplies to come in especially the drive chain from America.

It has been a delight to look after my 2 little grand children for some 4 weeks.

So while waiting for the drive chain there is obviously still much that could be done. Now most of it is boring but necessary. Sanding and rust proofing lots of areas and in improving the structural  strength in some areas.

A spot of rust that needs removing
A major time factor has been Rob's research of alternative energy sources for the bus. We want to make the motorhome as self sufficient as possible. We have looked into solar panels and the various ways to store and charge the batteries. This has been quite a steep learning curve. We learnt about longer lasting lithium batteries from a guy at the Sydney Super Show and we were keen to learn more. This required a lot of research and finally making contact with people who knew what they were talking about and were willing to share such knowledge with us.

From here we needed to work out the various lights and power points we will need. This will help us decide just how many batteries and solar panels we need. We now have electricity wires running all around the bus.  We rather hope we can do without requiring a generator at all if possible.

We  installed windows including the little window in the kitchen which I have deliberately kept rather small so that I could maximize the storage in and around the kitchen.

The little kitchen window.
So whilst nothing exciting has been written about or photographed, things are still happening in the background!


  1. Good to hear you are making progress in the bus. Ir sounds really exciting. Lindy

    1. It is good to see the progress ourselves too


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