Hearty Vegetable Soup

There's no better time than winter for hearty soups and casseroles and this is where the DreamPot comes into its own.

I am so loving my DreamPot. It suits me in many ways. I am definitely a morning person and I can prepare and start cooking in the mornings when I am more energetic. I love soups and casseroles but I  resent having to utilize a lot of power for the long slow cooking. I especially don't want to have to be tied to the RV for hours while it is cooking, when I could be out exploring or whatever. I love having a hot meal all ready for me at the end of a day's driving or sight seeing. Now don't get me wrong, I still want a fire going and  fireside cooked meal is totally wonderful too. Variety is the spice of life and that includes cooking too! 

Now lets get into the recipe for

Hearty Vegetable Soup!

2 cans diced tomatoes
4 Tablespoon Chicken stock powder
1 Tablespoon Vegetable dry soup powder
1 onion
½ bunch of celery
300g green French beans (can be frozen)
2 capsicum
500g carrots
Any left over vegetables including broccoli & cauliflower stems
Chop and dice all veggies into small pieces.
Place all ingredients together with salt and pepper to taste and stir well in the large inner pot, fill to within 5cm (2 .5 inches) of the top of the pot with hot water. (Reduce liquid to stop 9cm (3 inches) from the top if you want to use the smaller pot at the same time.)Boil rapidly for 10 minutes.
Transfer pot into insulating chamber for minimum 3 hours, preferably 6-8 hours.


For variety try blending all until smooth.
Add water if necessary or to make a thinner soup.
As is frequent with soup and casseroles, this soup tastes better the next day when the flavours have had time to develop.

This lot was ear-marked for the freezer!
As an extra hint: Masking tape makes an excellent temporary label for the freezer. As long as you stick the tape on a room temperature container, it will stay on whilst in the freezer and it comes off OK when you want it to! It wont adhere once the lid or container is frozen!

I haven't even started on any breads, desserts and other wonderful recipes for the Dream Pot yet! Come back and see what else I can cook up.

An authentic Hungarian Goulash as handed down from my French grandfather is next on my list!

What is your favourite recipe for in your RV?


  1. I made a pot of vegetable soup following your recipe last night and just had to say thanks for the recipe. It is very thick. I think I will eat half as is and then make some chicken broth and mix it with the vegetable soup to make it go much further. Angela

    1. That is an excellent suggestion. I assume you realize that the original recipe is for a large crowd -so make sure you love soup!!!


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