Bus Conversion: the outside panels

Gosh, I didn't realize that it has been so long since my last bus conversion update. Life has gotten in the way and I might be just a tad lazy! (hanging my head in shame). But never fear, though Rob injured his back some 8 weeks ago, it is slowly improving all the time and though there was about 3 weeks when he couldn't do anything, he has since kept working on it even if slowly at first!

So I will stop yabbering and get on with telling you what he has done!

The first aluminum side panel went up about 3 weeks ago and what a huge thrill that was. By now all the aluminum side panels are up and it just looks terrific and the bus is really starting to look more like a motorhome rather than a passenger bus. We are not keeping all those windows as I would much rather put the area to other use, though of course we do need some windows.

The first panel goes up on the drivers' side
The passenger side panels are up and still being braced.
Next comes the windows on the passenger side.

So that's it for this week.
Now this as a reminder of what the bus looked liked when we first got it.


  1. Loving your post. Cant wait to get mine started. Pick up my bus on Monday!! May I ask how you fixed the sides panel. Did you use Automotive Sikaflex or such? I am thinking to bond my panels on as I hate the look of rivets. Cheers Mark

    1. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I missed your comment somehow. How did you get on with your bus conversion? Send us an email if you have further questions!


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