A relaxing week at the Gold Coast

Every two years, Rob and I arrange the accommodation at some resort for a weeks holiday with the family. It is definitely a multi-generational week, with a little one as young as 18 month and the eldest person and touch and bit over 60. This year we chose Broadbeach at the Gold Coast, in Sunny Queensland, Australia.

Surfing at Broadbeach's Kurrawa Beach

This year it encompasses 5 adults  and our 2 darling little grand -daughters. Sadly Allan's wife had to continue to work through this week and our eldest daughter, Benita was away on a 12 month working holiday in Vancouver, Canada.

Kurrawa Beach

Broadbeach is located almost centrally on the Gold Coast and is an hour and a bit south of Brisbane. However it has it's own small international airport and we all flew in from our various locations. There is so much in the Gold Coast now days and it booms with all sorts of entertainment and such as Jupiters Casino, theme parks, clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and gigantic shopping centres. Yet through it all the main attraction is the 70 kilometres of pristine, golden white beaches with weather almost perfect for swimming or surfing almost year round. This is what we came for, some time to reconnect and relax with each other!

We chose to stay at Freshwater Point Resort in 2 apartments. One apartment overlooked the 'creek' and the other overlooked the resort's swimming pool.

Fun in the wading pool

Finding a place that will satisfy both the youngest and oldest and those in between is not that hard. We tend to remember the golden rule of keeping things simple and in perspective. We are not in the habit of gallivanting around the town visiting every tourist trap and theme park there is. It seems pointless to go to many of the more expensive ones especially with someone having to watch the kids all the time. Instead we opted for quieter pursuits such as spending time at the beach, in the pool, relaxing indoors with the kids, in the spa, some shopping at nearby Pacific Fair. Dean and Allan took advantage of the Gym, Sauna and Steam rooms at the resort. And game times at night when the girls are tucked away in bed!
Together at Currumbin
On our last day, we spent the day at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This was an excellent time filler for us as we had to leave the resort by 10am yet our flights were not until 6pm or later. The various animals are interesting for all ages. We saw koalas, kangaroos, numerous birds, crocodiles, dragons, etc. We took the mini train a couple of times to save some walking.

Angle headed Dragon

Will the Kangaroo bite me Dad?
We saw the Free Flight Show where we see birds in flight such as the Wedge-tailed Eagle, falcons,owls and other birds that come in for some food.

wedge tail eagle
Later in the day you can hang around and have all the colourful parrots etc feeding off your hand, head etc but we had a flight to catch so we left Allan, Camille and the little girls to enjoy that part of the show!

I would love to hear in the comments,
what do you do to make time for multi-generational family holidays? 

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