We've booked a South Pacific cruise

Rob has been dropping hints for a South Pacific cruise for quite a few years! We listen to friends who love cruising and each time, Rob is enthused and I am not. I can't be selfish and say no forever, so when some friends notified us of a good price on a South Pacific cruise and they encouraged us to consider joining them, I felt compelled to give it a shot and so I booked us both in!

Next thing I do is hop onto Trip Advisor and see what people have to say about our ship, the Carnival Spirit. Umm, the first couple were not complimentary. I recall that some people were negative when we looked up the Sunland Caravan Park in Cairns, yet we found it to be a great caravan park. So I persevered and found a forum on cruising on Trip Advisor and through them learnt a lot of positive stuff but also what to expect on board such as how to tip, what to take, etc. The forum coordinator even has a profoundly deaf wife who has gone cruising with him and enjoyed it which is encouraging too!

So with a whole lot more enthusiasm, I am now looking forward to some time floating on that great big hotel. It might not be the same as traveling this wide land we call Australia in our own RV, I can't have it all my way. We are surrounded by the ocean, so I may as well try cruising too! You never know, I might love it!

Out of fun I will send you this post by Rick & Paulette, who found on 6 reasons why you should forsake cruising.

I will write another post on my experiences, but it is a few months off yet, so do be patient!

Have you gone on a cruise? Let me know of your experience.


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