Bus Conversion: Cutting walls

After lifting the roof, it was time to start working out where everything would go. Rob had it all in his head, but making me see his vision was another matter entirely!

The bus after welding in extra braces

Now we had the fun of physically working out the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc so that we could leave or make holes for the window placements. Telling me or even drawing it down on paper just doesn't work for me. I need to actually see it in 3D real life.

Rob asked me if I can make do with a shorter but deeper bench in the kitchen. The only way I could decide was to take his measurements and go back into the caravan in which we have traveled extensively and mark it out on the kitchen bench there with the hotplates, sink and a cutting board etc within the space he suggested. His shorter bench space was do-able! It still took ages for me to understand what he wanted to do with the deeper part of the bench... but I sort of worked it out eventually. Rob can get so frustrated that I can't 'see' things like he can. Rib doesn't even draw up a plan, he just works off the top of his head. I think that he is so clever. Admittedly I see him sitting at various times, working it all out in his head!

A hole is cut for the slide out yet to come

We decided to have the main slide out on the driver's side. It is to extend the lounge area and hold a two seater lounge. We wanted this to be close the entry to utilize the captain's chairs which will be able to swivel around and be used as lounge chairs when camped. Also I don't like the idea of any visitors going through the bus to get to the lounge area.

We also needed to work out where the windows are to be placed and what size each are to be.

Looking through the walls, deciding which spaces will remain as windows!

When all this is decided, then Rob gets stuck into strengthening the walls by welding in extra braces in appropriate places. Most buses do not have much strength in their walls.

Rob back on the job of welding

 Now we have lots of open spaces. We will have to cover these to protect it from any rains!

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