Bus Conversion: Frustration sets in

We started to lose heart and thus momentum when it was taking forever to source a fix or replacement for the morse chain required to get the bus to move anywhere when the bus conversion was finished.

Morse Chain

What was the point of the conversion if we couldn't drive it anywhere. It became a real sticking point.
Many, many phone calls  trying to find someone who knows something. Even though it is a Mitsubishi  bus, Mitsubishi Australia didn't want anything to to with it. We ran into numerous promises of return calls that never eventuated. Oh why do people do that to you? Doesn't a person's word mean anything now days?

Days turn into weeks and then months. Finally we contacted one company in Melbourne.  They were helpful and belived they could get the chain made for us. Yay!

Rob insisted on going down to Melbourne to talk with them face to face! He would have been happy to do the trip in a day or two but I insisted on taking the Robbiebago caravan down and combining it with a week off to relax and catch up with friends in the beautiful lakeside town of Nagambie. We also found a lovely free camp in Toolangi. By happy co-incidence we traveled on the same day as Rob's brother and his wife who were on their way to catch the Spirit of Tasmania, so we free camped together on the old Hume Highway just north of Albury.

We anxiously waited a bit more than a week for a quote to come back. Even though it is a Japanese bus, the chain had to be made in USA and part of it has to be put together by hand. We knew it was going to be expensive, but the bus literally wasn't going anywhere without a chain to drive the motor! What choice did we have?

Thankfully we filled some of that time enjoying this beautiful country on our relaxing drive back even though the temperature was unbelievable hovering around 36-38 degrees every day!

Now we know the chain is coming, we are keen to get back into the bus conversion!

Keep safe

Michelle (and Rob)

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