New Year's Eve in Sydney

Each and every year, Sydney hosts the most fabulous New Year's Eve fireworks celebration. The fantastic waters of Sydney Harbour, the splendour of the curvaceous roof lines of the Sydney Opera House and the magnificence of the Sydney Harbour bridge providing the most spectacular frame work and launching pad for a world class fireworks is just something the whole world tunes in to watch. Actually the fun starts early in the day,but the main events are the 9pm family fireworks at Darling Harbour and the midnight fireworks spectacular with the Harbour Bridge as a focal point.

Photo: Sydney's NYE 2008
Sydney is committed to ensuring the accessibility of the NYE celebration to all comers that it even has a dedicated page on its website that is specifically set up for this. Public transport is strongly encouraged and extra buses and trains are pulled into service to meet the increased demands. Even so, patience is required. Think of it as an extension of the party. Parking in the city is extremely limited & it is quite a bottle neck trying to get out after the parties. So save your sanity and go public. 

If you are visiting Sydney over the NYE or live within a few hours drive, then seeing it in person is an experience not to be missed. You can ring in the New Year with a bang and have the experience of a lifetime. You will need some preplaning or at least some thought into what you want to experience. Not everything is free, including some of the best vantage spots. You may need to buy tickets in advance. Some areas are family friendly and some are much more raunchy. Similarly some places are alcohol free, some are BYO (Bring your own alcoholic drinks) and others are licenced only!

Photo: Sydney's NYE 2005

What about a casual picnic on the foreshores at the Royal Botanic Gardens or watch the fireworks from Luna Park. Maybe cocktails in the lounge of one of the fabulous hotels that overlook the harbour or a cruise on the harbour is more your style. 

You can celebrate NYE at one of the many pubs, bars and nightclubs running their own fabulous New Year's Eve parties, from thematic parties to pub crawls and anything in between. 

For more information on planning and vantage points, visit Sydney's New Years Eve   You can't make to Sydney this year? Then visit here for info on NYE in other major Australian Cities. Many regional towns have their own NYE celebrations, so contact the tourist bureau or read the local paper and find out what is happening near you!

Photo: Sydney's NYE 2006

It has long been one of my dreams to spend NYE actually on a yacht right in the centre of Sydney Harbour. How awesome that would be. Trouble is I don't know anyone with a boat, let alone get an invite to be there on the great night! Oh well a girl can dream, can't she? In the meantime, I just might have to buy a cruise ticket for next year's celebrations!

Unfortunately this year, I will have to watch it from the comfort of my lounge room as I will be recovering from surgery. Do write to me and tell me where you spent NYE this year!


  1. Its a pretty seen of Sydney harbour and we all try to visit in new year night.

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    1. I ended up being sick on NYE and wasn't even able to go anywhere for this year. It did look good on the TV though! :)

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