Grafton's Jacaranda Festival

The Jacaranda Festival welcomed us as we rolled up in this beautiful town. The jacarandas are flowering everywhere and what a wonderful sight it is. There are over 2,000 Jacaranda trees planted around the town which so obviously thrives in the climate and soils here.

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We were originally just going to stop here for lunch and pass on through. However when we saw 2 beautiful albino white flowering jacarandas next to each other, we stopped to take some photos and saw that we were just outside the showground.

We were tempted by the thought of power to run the air con since the temperature was already over 30 degrees coupled with the sight of many classic vehicles at a rally in the showground really tipped the scales in favour of staying here. We were given a picturesque spot under a broad spreading jacaranda tree whose petals continued to float down gently upon us like we were a bridal couple being showered. The carpet of flowers all around us was a sight to behold.

To our delight we found that today was Jacaranda Thursday, a local public holiday, when the main part of the town is virtually closed in support of the week long festival held yearly in Grafton from the last weekend in October to the first weekend in November.  We walked up the road to see what was going on witnessed some go cart races up the street and the markets that were running. We indulged ourselves with some iced coffee and some delightful pastries as we watched the people mingling all around us.

The festival covers all things that a week long festival coveres from Beauty Pageants, Street Float procession, fairs, street performers, a grad ball, performing artists, art & craft exhibitions and many of the shops get in the spirit and have wonderful shop displays for all to enjoy.To find out more about this marvellous festival then go to their official website.

It was a pity we were tied to being in Coffs Harbour the next day else we might have delighted to spend some more time discovering this city. Another place to come back and explore more in depth some time in the future.

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