We had heard of the RV Village in Casino quite a few times and certainly seen the ad in the CMCA’s monthly magazine called “the Wanderer”. We were curious enough to have a look and we decided to stop & stay overnight here to have a look around for ourselves.

Bitumen patches upon patches
First we had to get there. The first 70km road from Urbanville to the Bruxner Highway and should be called “Patches Road” as in some places there are patched on patches. Truly is seems that there are more patches than there is original road.

An interesting toilet stop

There is a toilet/rest stop right on the corner of the Braxner Highway that has some old wooden post carvings that can still be appreciated on the whole. I didn’t think to count just how many there are there, but I think it is about 10. You will probably need a wee break so why not stop here and have a quick look.

 Two of the many carvings to be seen at the Braxner Highway.

An RV Village

We arrived in Casino just after lunch and quickly found the RV village. This place offers a huge variety of accommodation choices for people. Apparently it used to be a part of the Casino Airport and it is quite a large area that has had a lot of money spent on its infrastructure. This place offers you a comfortable place for overnight stays, extended holiday or permanent living. There are drive through sites, hedged powered sites, open areas set aside for overnight casual visitors. There's is also designated areas for rally groups both large and small, ensuite suites and overnight cabins.

Want a more permanent base?

Though there are quite a few permanent purpose built mobile homes that are privately owned, there is still much land still available for you to place the home of your choice on the property with generous allowances for your RV no matter what size RV you have. Many events and expos are held here during the year such as the National Camp Oven festival and The Bushman's Heritage.

During the week there are various activities you can be involved in, including  interest groups, men's shed, a library, games nights, movies, self help groups, golfing on their very own golf course, weekly bistro meals & the regulatory happy hour which takes place in the camp kitchen every afternoon at 4pm and goodness knows what else that I have missed. They have the most comprehensive camp kitchen I have ever seen anywhere. It is huge with just about everything you could think of including a camp oven pit, ice machine, designated Camp Oven Pit and multiple BBQ’s both gas and wood as well as under cover picnic tables that would probably seat 100 people. internet access and many other facilities.

After settling in, we went for a wander around the display homes there. We visited about 6 of them which is probably close to the limit. Some of them are just amazing. All have steps to get into them though, which if you were elderly or had mobility difficulties, you would have to install ramps, which we saw on some of the privately owned homes. Most homes have some sort of outdoor entertainment area, some are a fantastic size for family parties, others are suitable for a quiet lounge for 2 or 4. Again it is all a matter of priorities and your budget of course.

Would I choose to live here???

 If I had family living close by even within a few hours like Brisbane, then maybe this would be a great place. We didn’t check out the town or countryside so that would factor into our decision making too! Based purely on the RV village, then I could live here, but with 2 of my kids close to home, one in Canada temporarily but has a home just 1km from our house and the other son being a pilot and likely to move anywhere and maybe even frequently over the next 10 years, I think I will stay close to where we are now, in fact right in the house we built so many years ago, even if it is too big for us now.

What about you? Would you live in a RV village in between trips?

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