The Valley of the Giants

This place is so wonderful that it deserves a blog entry all of its own. It is certainly the biggest highlight of our time here. It is the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. It would rate in my top 10 places of interest on this trip so far! The walk is not for those scared of heights, but it is oh so exciting and it is absolutely fantastic to be up at tree top height. Don't be alarmed as the whole bridge sways as you walk, it is meant to help you be aware that you are at tree top height!

 If you or your partner want to take the walk but the other can’t handle it, then go for a lovely stroll through the Tingle Forest walk at the same place. It is great too! The Tingle Trees are a type of Eucalypt that are indigenous to this very small area where they are susceptible to having a hollow interior mainly through bush fires but still growing healthily to extreme heights.

 Go there. I promise it is well worth the visit.

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  1. Goodness, I'm not sure I could handle the swaying bridge! Not at that height, but I'd love to give it a go!
    I'm surprised that the trees can live despite being hollow like that!

    Glad you're having fun


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