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Hang Glider over Shelly Beach
I am so fortunate. I am sitting out on a sand dune top lookout, about 20 km from Albany, while I catch up on the internet. (There is no internet reception at our campsite on the beach.) It is amazing here. Bob is watching the hang gliders who are about 15m away while I type away. There are 5 guys hang gliding down to the lovely azure blue waters and sandy beach below called Shelly Beach. The sun is nice & warm but it is not hot as there is a lovely gentle breeze and we are both healthy, relaxed and as happy as Larry!

One of the hang gliders at Shelly Beach near Albany
The days are getting cooler now about 24-26 (The perfect temperature in my opinion!) and nights actually starting to get cooler. It was just 7 degrees the other morning but usually it is about 18 in the mornings...

I like to get up early to sit and read or do crafts. Sometimes I even go for a walk and take my sunrise photos. When it is a bit too cool  then I rug up and sit in my track suit with Bob's quilted flannel shirt over it. On the  really cold mornings I even have Bob's big wool coat over all that too. I might even have soxs on my feet tucked inside ugg boots and a hat on to keep my head warm. I know I look ridiculous but no one can see me hidden away in my Robbiebago and anyway who cares. At least I am warm and happy! I hope you are all warm, happy and healthy too! Do drop a comment to let me know someone at least is reading my blog!

The morning mist rising over Cozy Beach near Albany

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